Worship Workshop!

So first I want to thank everyone that commented and gave ideas on the title for the worship workshop that I hosted. The name I ended up submitting was

#ThrowbackThursday, when worshiping together was cool. This came from me wanting to really get their viewpoint of worshiping together with others as a young person. I get to see a lot of them during times of worship and they don't seem interested....

Being able to host a workshop was amazing and a little nerve-wrecking at the same time - to have about 30 students and another faculty member sit in my room and listen to me present? I wanted to do a good job. I knew that I didn't want to talk the whole time; that would be uncomfortable for them and me. I also knew that I didn't want to shoot a bunch of scriptures at them either. So I tried to make it fun and interactive. Still, anxiety set in a little: would it be boring? will they think I was wack? I kept trying to figure out what angle I would approach the workshop but in the…

Getting Pregnant



  then comes negative test result after negative test result

I'm very open about my testimony of becoming free from promiscuity. That being said, I have had numerous opportunities to have pregnancy scares, yet somehow I never had one. NOT ONE!

I always wanted to have children - 5 to be exact. At a young age, I wanted to have a baby. Thank God I never did by any of the people who could have been the father. Which leads to my first red-flag.

I had gotten used to the thought that maybe I had never gotten pregnant because God's grace was covering me. People would say, "it will happen in God's time. Don't worry". "Shoot, be glad you didn't have a baby by him". "When you stop focusing on it, it will happen".

I hear you! I guess this was right! God was keeping me from disaster. However, I still wondered how logically I had never ever gotten pregnant. Like NEVER! This wonder lea…

Perfect verse...but your beat aint tight?

Have you ever felt defeated like nobody wants you to be great? Are people forever overlooking your value? Are your gifts and talent going unrecognized and unused?
 You've probably tried to vent to others about these feelings only to receive answers about self evaluation, and keep honing your craft because your time will come...stay faithful...blah blah blah
Well...have you ever actually listened to this advice, accepting that you're going around in circles and nothing has changed?
Maybe you haven't, but I'm starting to, and it's eye-opening. I know, I know, you just want someone to validate your feelings and encourage you that your haters can't hold you back. You're the best. But maybe you need someone to tell you that no one sees you because you're complacent and too lazy to kick your gift up to the next level. 
It could just be that the right thing hasn't come along so that you will hear and not be offended. Maybe the next time it won't be th…

I am Black, Beautiful and Great, but I realize America aint

Sadly, I think racism is one of those things that will never end.

You can't tell someone how to think or how to treat someone, and sensitivity and true consideration for someone else is a skill that is disappearing slowly and slowly.

I choose to believe that the only hope is Jesus Christ.

Now, does that mean that I don't do anything  about the horrible things that happen on a daily basis?
Does that mean that I have no feelings when I hear of another case of inhuman race?

Well, it shouldn't! But let's be honest.

How many preachers spoke about white supremacy just a week ago?
How many statuses were dedicated to injustice just a week ago?
How many protests occurred to demand equality for Blacks just a week ago?

I dare say that these things grow exponential after a terrible event...

Is it wrong? Absolutely not!
Should it stop? No, that's not what I'm saying.

My point is, we are going around in circles and that is exhausting. I feel pain every time I hear about or expe…

Puppy Love

Jax is my puppy (Japanese Chin and Shih-tzu mix) who we've had for about 2 months now. In this short amount of time, he understands that my husband and I love him and will do our best to take care of him. I love watching this little guy grow, and seeing how much he tries to communicate with us. But even when he is trying to tell us something that he wants, it's up to us to say yes or no. It's up to us to teach and train him to do what we want him to do. 

It's amazing what he tries to get away with, and sometimes he'll look back sneakily to see if anyone is watching. It's also mind-blowing that when he does something wrong and gets a beating or gets yelled at, just seconds later he still wants to be near us, wants us to play with him, wants to receive our attention and love. No matter how hurt he was or how angry he was just a while ago, it seems like he strangely understands that we are his owners and that even if we have to correct him or punish him, we still l…

a healthy dose of radiation

I was warming up my lunch and the top of my Tupperware popped off while in the microwave. It reminded me of the other day when I was making cookies with my students - someone put the butter in the microwave and the same thing happened; the top popped off. Many of the other students said "just take the top off" so naturally that I thought about how normal it is to microwave food with no covering.

Everybody does it. Well, except for my mom. She always used to tell me and my brother to put a paper towel over our plates when we microwaved food. The radiation isn't good for you. I believed it was true and I knew it probably was dangerous, but it didn't seem or look dangerous at the time. And after many times of doing it, there were no immediate negative affects that I knew of. I didn't see any consequences where I could say "oh yeah! this happened because of that time I didn't cover the plate in the microwave". So I'm safe! Right?

How many times have…

I Woke Up Like This: "I AM ENOUGH!"

So let me just be real,

I've gotten sad more times than I should've, worrying about other people's thoughts of me. 
Am I doing enough for people? Am I showing up enough for them?
Do I do enough for others to see me as successful?
Do I give enough? Am I there enough?
I'm getting older so why aren't my goals being fulfilled as fast as I thought.
Am I meeting other people's expectations of me?
How come I'm not doing as much as the next person? How come they got theirs quicker than me? 
Can other's speak well of me or say clearly that I'm moving in my purpose?
How come people are able to do so much and get these things, and I'm working hard and ain't gettin